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Eagles select Ahmad Harajly

03/24/2015, 9:30pm EDT, By Rugby Michigan

Welcome to New Online Home of Rugby Michigan!

02/17/2015, 9:45am EST, By Staff

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Rugby Michigan Visits Eagle Village

On Saturday, August 17, Rugby Michigan provided an engaging and fun-filled camp for 50 kids at Eagle Village in Hershey, Michigan. Eagle Village is a home for kids in foster care, victims of abuse/neglect, and kids and teens facing risky behaviors. One Rugby Michigan player, Katie Simons who came to coach, said it was “one of the best days of my rugby career. I got to learn about my sport and about the kids. We were coaching lives.” They practiced drills and scrimmaged throughout the day, offering an escape and opportunity for physical activity and fun, true to the sport.

Players from Grandville and Sparta Rock Girls Rugby Clubs came together to coach the camp and as Bella Vanderwall said, “one of the most memorable things was getting to play and teach side by side with other rugby girls. The rivalry was pushed aside and we all came together as one!” What a great opportunity for player and participants alike to overcome differences through rugby. Although many of the kids were hesitant at first, they had a great time learning with our players, and our players were excited to share the sport we love.

Thank you to players from Grandville and Sparta Rock Girls Rugby Clubs who offered to coach the camp. We can’t wait to play again with our new Eagle Village teammates.

"I liked the clinic because even after we messed up the coaches there were very positive and supportive getting us back on our feet to try again" - Dawson