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2020 Spring Boys and Fall Girls Spring Registration

2020 Boys Spring and Girls Fall Registration

2020 Boys Spring and Girls Fall Registration

All High School and Youth players who will be playing rugby in Michigan this Spring (January 1, 2020 through August 31, 2020) may now register through this link. This is an annual registration. Register once with Rugby Michigan and you are done.  Your team/club may require an additional registration fee for their operating costs.

The annual Rugby Michigan registration fee is $80 and includes:

  • Registration as a player with USA Rugby;
  • Accidental injury insurance for injuries sustained as Michigan Youth Rugby and USA Rugby sanctioned events;
  • Eligibility to join a Michigan Youth Rugby member club;
  • Eligibility to participate in Michigan Youth Rugby sanctioned events such as:
    • High School Spring 15s League
    • High School State Tournament
    • High School State Championships
  • Opportunity to be scouted by Colleges

Michigan Youth Rugby annual registration fees are not refundable.

Note: You will receive an email after your successful registration with Rugby Michigan.  USA Rugby updates their system once a week (Thursdays), therefore your name will not be made visible on the official USAR site until then.  Once you are registered with Rugby Michigan, you are qualified to participate in practices and competitions.