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Officiating Sevens

Officiating Sevens

Approximate delivery time: 8 hours

Cost: $50

Prerequisites: An IRB Level 1 Officiating (generic fifteens) certificate of attendance.

Requirements for Certification: Current USA Rugby membership, including registration as a referee, attend and participate in all course modules.

Description: The Levels 1 and 2 Officiating Sevens courses are designed to provide referees with the skills and knowledge needed to referee Sevens Rugby in the national environment (in major Unions) and to international levels in less developed Unions and/or age grade international competitions.  They build strongly on the IRB Levels 1-3 Officiating courses and seek to assist match officials who aim to referee or assist in Sevens.

The Level 1 Officiating Sevens course is a one day, attendance only program. The optional second portion of the course is a second day, accreditation program, giving Level 2 IRB Officiating 7s accreditation. To achieve this designation the participant must show competence in all competency transcript descriptors for all modules of the course.

Course Focus:

  • The principles of attack and defense in 7s rugby
  • The time, space, and tolerance needed for officiating 7s rugby
  • How Assistant Referees and In-Goal Judges assist the referee